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We’ve been fortunate to work with some of the biggest and best companies in the world. Together, they represent more than $224 billion in revenues. What’s most important, though, is the size of their vision. Clients turn to us as their trusted guide, a close advisor who knows the ropes and can provide concierge-level service from the first call.

  • Events are a living, breathing organism – they’re always different, always changing and typically intense. A successful partner understands this theory and instinctively knows how to live and breathe along with your event to ensure you and it shines. This is where Event Partners excels. When you, the customer, are on the front lines smiling and shaking hands, they are carrying out all of your wishes behind the scenes – and some of the wishes you didn’t know you had, but they know you need. They are five steps ahead so you can focus on the big picture. Every experience I’ve had with them has made me look great and over delivered on my expectations. Event Partners is the real deal. -Tina C., MINI Training Manager
  • First, a very sincere thank you for making last week exceptional. The location, the events and every little detail achieved the objective of making ours a memorable event. And you were even up to meet the car at 3:45 on Thursday morning! I'm sure as you work with us more you’ll get comfortable enough to tell me how big of pain we were with last minute requests and changes.:) I'd like any feedback from you on opportunities you see to improve our planning and execution for events of this type. -Michael R., Sales Director Mars North America
  • From my first contact with you through the event and after, we at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (LVMS) were treated as partners, not vendors.Since the MINI project, LVMS has been host to 8 automobile companies for 128 combined "event days." This is important because it allows me to demonstrate that I have many companies in the automotive industry to compare with Event Partners. I was very impressed by the attention to detail and particularly the pre-event production that Event Partners provided for MINI’s benefit. As you know, pre-planning and attention to detail are key elements for creating successful events. To that end, the MINI launch was the best-planned launch I have seen. You must receive a number of emails thanking you for the work your group produced. But this is the first time I have written a note like this since coming over to LVMS nine years ago. Thank you again! -Naysan G., Las Vegas Motor Speedway
  • Congratulations for an extraordinary program. I've done a few of these over my career and know how complex they are, from logistics, meeting content, car placements, VIP guests and everything else. I couldn’t be happier with our execution of all facets for this program. At the end of tonight's dinner, Chip asked me if I was happy with the program. My answer was, "It exceeded my expectations." I spoke to numerous retailers as well. They were all very appreciative and complimentary. Several, including some multi-franchise retailers, said that in total this program was the best they had ever attended.This is high praise indeed. Thanks for your hard work. You should be very proud of your accomplishments! -John M., Vice President Marketing & Product Planning Volvo Cars of North America

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